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Buying a new horse is a huge decision requiring serious investment, and navigating the market can be tough. Searching for reputable dealers, making constant phone calls and travelling miles for viewings only to be disappointed wastes valuable time and money, and can leave buyers feeling stressed and disheartened.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, and that's where we come in.

At Prestige Equine Search we have years of experience in creating perfect matches between horses and riders of all disciplines, ages and abilities.

Whether you are looking for a Pony Club steed, a happy hacker or a Top-Level Competition horse, we will take the time to truly understand your requirements before searching our trusted list of traders and private sellers from across the UK and using our inside knowledge of the market to find you the horse of your dreams.

And our support doesn’t stop there. Sign up to our service and we will assist you throughout the ENTIRE process, from negotiating prices and organising vetting to advising you on nutrition and training plans and recommending transportation companies.

Honesty and integrity are important to us. We only work with buyers we genuinely feel we can help and we will never waste your time, or your money. You can visit our Testimonials section to see what our clients have to say.

Contact us today, and let Prestige Equine Search find your perfect match.


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To start the search for your dream horse, or to have an informal chat about what Prestige Equine Search could do for you, email or give Ben a call on 07734 867 134. 

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“Despite my very specific wish list, in ten days my horse was viewed, vetted and delivered. Ben offers what feels like a highly personal service and his communication is outstanding.”

5/5 Stars from 5

"I contacted Ben after months of disappointment.  He took the stress of finding a horse completely out of my hands. If you are ‘losing the will to live’ on a pony or horse search, call Prestige Equine Search!"

5/5 Stars from 5

"I would have never have found this horse without Bens contacts and managed to see him and try him before he was even advertised."

5/5 Stars from 5

Horses are my passion

“I’ll get straight to the point: horses are my passion, and my world. 

I’m a Livery Yard owner who participates in competitive Show Jumping and Dressage, and for the last ten years I’ve been trading horses.

As an industry insider, I have a genuine understanding of the problems riders can run in to when looking to buy a horse, and the key mistakes which can be made during the sourcing process.I designed Prestige Equine Search with the specific aim of helping my clients work out exactly what they are looking for, before guiding them through every step of the process.

We exist to help you avoid potential pitfalls and ensure you don’t waste your time, or your money.

Choose to work with us, and you can be confident you are dealing with true professionals who will do everything they can to help you find your dream horse, in a short amount of time and with minimum fuss.

As I said, horses are my passion and helping you find the horse you are looking for would bring me great joy. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.”

Ben Dunne, Owner, Prestige Equine Search

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose to work with Prestige Equine Search?

We are currently the UK’s leading horse search agents. Our knowledge of and experience in navigating the horse sales market allows us to take all the stress out of the process, as well as helping you to find your dream horse in record time. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with outstanding levels of support throughout the buying process and beyond. Still not convinced? Visit our Testimonials section to see what our clients have to say about our service.

How do you help me find my perfect match?

At Prestige Equine Search we take the time to really understand our clients’ requirements. We do this by asking them great questions, and by watching video footage of them on horseback to determine their riding style. We won’t send you any matches until we are certain they are suitable choices for you.

Do you source horses for all levels?

Yes! Whatever your discipline, age, ability or budget we can help you find the horse you are looking for.

How long will it take you to find my perfect horse?

We work on a four-week time frame, with the aim being to find your perfect match in this time. We will need you to be as flexible as possible during those four weeks in order to give you the best chance of finding your dream horse.

I always feel under pressure to buy when I look at a horse, would this be the case if I work with you?

When we book a viewing for you, we will make sure it is clear how much time you have and whether anyone else is interested in the horse. Some horses we suggest are not even on the open market! At Prestige Equine Search we do our absolute best to make sure you have as much time as possible to make a decision.

How can I be sure the horses you match me with are healthy?

We work with reputable dealers and liaise with a number of flagship Equestrian centres all over the UK that carry out full assessments of the horses or ponies before they go on the market.

I am new to riding and I would like some guidance once I have purchased a horse. What areas can you advise me on?

Prestige Equestrian Search can put you in touch with Master Saddle Fitters, assist you in making plans with your Coach or Trainer, offer you Yard Management and Nutrition Advice and even make insurance recommendations. Contact us to find out all the ways we can support you.

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