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Lisa & Badger

It isn’t often that I’m bolded over by someone’s service – and in Ben’s case, I have been consistently impressed by his exceptional customer service!

From the first moment I spoke to Ben, I was delighted by his ability to build rapport, to listen to my requirements, ask me some great questions and then offer what seemed very sensible and professional advice. Ben’s communication was impeccable – he was super-fast to reply to any text or phone call and kept me continuously informed. I could not have asked for more.

As we worked together to find my last forever horse, Ben balanced being positive and enthusiastic, with being a pragmatist about what I was likely to be able to find for my money.

Ben quickly grasped my criteria – and he was great at keeping my head in the game and not letting me just choose a horse based on a heart decision alone! I looked at a couple, one wasn’t for me and one sadly failed the vetting, and then Ben offered me a wild card – a horse a little younger than I’d originally specified and yet perfect in every other way.

When I met Badger, I literally sat on him for 10 minutes and knew he was the one. My heart horse. I cried when he passed the vetting. He is home now and settling in beautifully.

I believe Ben saved me an immense amount of time driving round the countryside looking at horses, which were not an accurate representation of their adverts. It was amazing to have someone so knowledgeable to talk through my criteria with and get advice from about the whole process.

If you are looking for a horse, rather than go through the pain, frustration, and disappointment that often comes with chasing private ads, use Ben – you won’t regret it!