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Lara & Ace

Within the first few minutes of my initial phone call to Ben, I knew I wanted to work with him on my 'dream horse' mission. I instantly felt a degree of trust in Ben as he explained how his services and his team work to help people find horses that fit them best.

I was pretty certain on the type of horse I wanted and after a couple of near-misses with horses that would have not ended up right for me in the long term and also a few failed vettings over the last year; I was more than ready to hand the task over to Ben.I am in my late 30's and have been riding since I was 5. After a few years away from showjumping due to working and living away from home; I came back to the saddle last year. I had a 3yro at home, in the baby stages of his career and I sold my allrounder to free up my cash for the 'dream' - I was ready for a proper horse, a proper quality jumper that I could aim to go places with again.

Enter stage left; ''Ace'', (previous name 'Sid') ... Ace was actually the first horse that Ben connected me with and while I almost 'didn't want to buy the first pair of shoes I saw', I had a really good feeling about the horse. I could see a vision for the future with him and I felt like we could grow together.Ben arranged everything around the viewing, answering every question before I went. Ben ensured that I was viewing a horse that was a few hours drive from me so I didn't have to traipse the country on a wild goose chase. He also arranged for the horse to be jumped again over a more testing course of fences to check his boldness and scope before I went to see him.

I said to Ben I really wanted a horse "I could be proud of' and well, Ace by name; Ace by nature - I absolutely love him, feel a bond with him already and cannot wait to see what we end up doing together.I rate Ben's service 11/10, Ben has my phone number and is welcome to pass it on to anyone who may want to call me for a chat about how Ben works and why he is worth trusting.

I will (no doubt!) buy more horses in the future and Ben will be the first person I will call. As much as I love scouring for-sale ads and listings online; I wouldn't go down the track of even considering a horse again without Ben's guidance.

Thank you SO MUCH Ben! Ace and I are so happy and we look forward to updating you with our progress as we go.