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Equine Search

Twix & lmpy

Looking for 2 horses was proving to be extremely difficult. After months and months of searching, endless hours going through horse sales websites, adverts on social media and asking around all our horsey contacts to no avail, we decided to contact Ben at Prestige Equine Search. I had seen Ben1s advert on social media and when my riding instructor also mentioned him, we decided to give him a call.

Ben was extremely helpful right from the start, listening and taking down all our requirements (and there were many!). This enabled him to focus on horses that were suitable for us and the next day we were sent details of a number of horses that met our requirements. All the stress and frustration of the search was taken away and, through the proactive efforts of Prestige Equine, we had the opportunity to view and trial a number of horses resulting in us finding our two perfect horses, Twix and lmpy, in just one week!

Ben was very supportive and responsive throughout the search and we cannot recommend Prestige Equine enough.

Thank you Ben!