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Equine Search


Was going to wait a few days before I left this review as thought I’d need more time to see how I got on with my new boy that Ben found for me but I honestly can write this with absolute piece of mind.

I was the sceptic, why should I pay someone to find me a horse, I can do that myself especially in today’s world of social media and the internet, well how wrong was I. I lasted 2 days of searching and already countless hours before contacting Ben, who had been recommended to me through a friend who had recently used his services. Ben was extremely professional and listened to me and I’m sure quietly groaned when he heard my countless demands of what my new horse had to have. Having had to heartbreakingly sell my last horse as he wasn’t right for me this one had to be perfect. Well within only 3 weeks of signing up with Ben, I picked up Willow and I’m on cloud 9, Willow is everything I asked for and probably a bit more! I would never have come across Willow on my own, it was purely through Ben’s contacts that we found him. So my lesson learnt is don’t be such a sceptic. Also the pressure was taken off me having to scour the internet for hours wasting valuable work time.

I couldn’t recommend Ben and Prestige Equine Search enough.

I shall miss our chats and messages as the whole process has actually been so enjoyable.

Thank you again, from your most demanding client x