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Shona & Derry

"Just over 2 weeks with my special boy Derry and my smile is still from ear to ear! I want to say a massive heartfelt thank you to Ben and his team at Prestige Equine Search!

I first contacted Ben in Apr 2021 after seeing his name on several recommendations for help with horse searches.. how I wish i had accepted his help to find my next horse at this point… hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it! On the brink of giving up after several disappointments and set backs I decided I would give it one last chance and I reached back out to Ben who was incredibly supportive and empathetic and we got to work straightaway. I know I was probably one of Bens trickier matches because my self belief was low and the balance of a horse that would be suitable to pick me back up immediately but also meet my future ambitions wasn’t going to be easy… but of course he found him! It wasn’t long until Ben sent me the details of a lovely sounding horse at one of his contacts yards, I was able to view the horse before he was widely advertised and Prestige Equine took care of all the arrangements, it was literally like a weight had been lifted! Knowing I was viewing a horse at a yard Ben trusted made all the difference and they were incredibly helpful and straightforward.. and the horse .. well he was perfect and just what I was looking for! Ben was at the end of the phone through the whole process no matter what day or time and the support didn’t end once the vetting was done!

I have no doubt in my mind that if it wasn’t for Bens network and connections In this very intense market I would have missed out on my dream horse.

So if you feel at the point of giving up finding your dream horse or perhaps you are just about to embark on your journey then please do contact Ben at Prestige Equine Search - and take it from me happy endings do exist and so does your unicorn!

Thank you so much for everything team Prestige Equine Search"